Caring for our customers: COVID-19 Guidelines

For over 14 years, Miami Clippers has been devoted to ensuring the well-being of our clients and employees, and we have increased those efforts to ensure our procedures are better, safer and cleaner than ever. When you visit us, you'll notice some changes to our processes and to the physical set-up of the store. We know that many of you are eager to return to our barbershops for haircuts & shaves. We are also eager to welcome back the community.

As licensed professionals in the State of Florida we have a duty to protect the health, safety and well-being of the public. We will provide updates as there are many guidelines that we have to comply with when reopening due to local, state, federal & CDC procedures.

Employee cleaning a barber chair

Our Commitment

  • Employees are now required to be (M.C.C.C.) "Miami Clippers Certified Clean," which means they have completed training courses on cleaning, disinfection and sanitation specific to COVID-19.
  • Upon arriving at work, barbers will be required to complete a daily wellness & temperature check to be cleared before they can begin their shift.
  • Employees will sterilize and disinfect work stations, chairs, surfaces and tools in between each service.
  • Each client receives a new, clean disposable cape that will be discarded after receiving their service.
  • We'd love to greet you with a handshake, but we'll be giving you a wave, a nod, an "air-five" or some other non-contact welcome when you arrive.

Your Commitment

  • Limits on the number of customers necessary to maintain social distancing requirements. No more than 10 individuals (employees and customers) OR twenty-five percent (25%) maximum building occupancy as required by law (whichever is smaller) at any one time.
  • Customers must wait outside or in their cars until they are called for their services
  • Only the customer receiving the service may enter the shop, except for a parent or guardian accompanying a minor, or a guardian accompanying an individual with disabilities. Drivers, friends, and relatives cannot enter the business.
  • Prior to entering, customers will be administered a temperature check and will be asked questions about their general health as recommended by the CDC/Florida Department of Health. If they aren't feeling well, running a fever or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, they will be asked to come back on a later date for their haircut.
  • Customers must wear masks/face coverings if entering the shop for service or if serving as parent or guardian to a child
  • Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times, including when entering and exiting the business.
  • Only if instructed by a groomer/stylist can masks/face coverings worn by customers be removed. In this event, they can only be removed for a short time when necessary to perform facial services.
  • Upon entering the barbershop, customers must wash hands at a designated area before receiving service. The barber/stylist will apply hand sanitizer for you at the work station.
  • Staff will be empowered to strictly and proactively enforce all customer protocols. Customers who violate the rules will receive no "warnings" and will be required to leave immediately.